Suspension of AIPCE membership: CDJ supports its leaving counterparts, searches for a solution but will leave too if no change

On October 28th, several European press councils announced that they were suspending their AIPCE membership following the lack of a special majority to temporarily exclude Russia from the Alliance and the subsequent departure of Ukraine. The CDJ (French and German-speaking Press Council) understands the decision of its counterparts and recalls its full and complete solidarity with the Ukrainian Press Council. The CDJ, which understands the importance of this internal crisis, remains a full member of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe  for the time being: while it does not exclude the possibility of modifying this position, it believes that there is still a chance to find a solution through negotiations. It will do its utmost to achieve this as soon as possible, while respecting the values and principles that underpin the independence of journalistic self-regulation and democracy.

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